• Available in single or dual-post designs
  • Commercial grade, 1.90” OD stainless steel uprights
  • Removeable unit – optional anchor cap sits flush to deck when not in use
  • Regulation rim, net, basketball, needle and AS-100P plastic anchors are included

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  • Competition quality net fits pools up to 16 ft wide
  • Commercial grade, stainless steel uprights with a 4′ installed height
  • Removable posts — optional anchor cap sits flush to deck when not in use
  • Competitive water volleyball, needle and AS-100P plastic anchors are included

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AquaClimb® Classic

Introduction to the AquaClimb® Classic Range

The AquaClimb Classic Product range is the result of over seven years development, feedback from AquaClimb Owners, Installers, Architects and most importantly Users both young and old, then demanding the highest quality and technology from our manufacturers.

With the evolution of the AquaClimb Classic and the installation of over 300 locations throughout North America we are proud to introduce the features of the 2012 AquaClimb Classic Range.


  • Full modular system -Four height options and unlimited width options
  • One standard design that fit ALL Five climbing surface panel options
  • 304L Stainless Steel with epoxy coating for wipe clean surfaces
  • Contemporary architectural design with a minimal deck footprint
  • Design load testing to withstand 100 MPH wind loads

Climbing Surfaces

  • FIVE climbing panel options
    1. Spirit – Entry level, flat panel design
    2. Krystal – Clear, flat panel design
    3. GraphX – Clear, flat panel design with photographic designs
    4. Ascent – Full featured colored panels
    5. Canyon – Full featured natural rock colorings
  • Non abrasive, textured climbing holds

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AquaClimb® Sport

Taking the sport of aqua climbing to a whole new level, the award-winning industrial designer Mr. Christofer Born from Germany has created a structural work of art and a sports feature that will enhance any Aquatic facility. Designed initially for diving wells and more extreme challenges, this product line can now cater pool depths of 7 feet and deeper.


  • Stainless steel frame with options to powder coat the structure in a variety of color options;
  • Transparent climbing surface comes in two finishes;
  • Can be positioned indoors in front of windows with minimal loss of day lighting;


  • Equipped with four color-coded climbing routes of varying degrees of difficulty;
  • Can be mounted to the pool wall or deck of indoor and outdoor swimming and diving pools;
  • Retrofitting is possible for all existing pools, (concrete, tiled concrete, stainless steel, foil, etc).

While there are no restrictions on who can enjoy our Sport model, many are purchased with the goal of entertaining teenagers to adults.

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